Want to bring people together to have fun?

Profitable and fun!
No way, right? WAY!

Trivia nation is a marketing company for restaurants, bars, & country clubs.

We host live trivia nights with the purpose of bringing people together to have fun and helping to increase sales and traffic for our clients. Our FORMULA has proven successful at over 100 weekly venues and we have created a model of success that our competitors can’t seem to figure out.

The restaurant business is very difficult, as you know. The failure rate of these establishments is extremely high, therefore is it very important to work with the right venues. Also, many people try to host live trivia nights with very little success and cannot figure out how to make a good living at it. Our 13 years of experience in this segment have taught us both the right and wrong way to do things.

Why Would I Want to Be a Trivia Nation Franchisee?

  • You are outgoing and like going to restaurants/bars.
  • You enjoy meeting new people.
  • You have sales experience in some aspect.
  • You like hosting parties.
  • You are passionate about serving customers properly.
  • You work with a high level of integrity.
  • You want to earn more than $100K a year and work toward it
  • You want to own a business but you don’t want to take years of struggling with pricing, marketing, training, recruiting, attorneys, etc. You want to follow a system of success.
  • You don’t want to work weekends but you are willing to work a lot of weekday nights.

The Advantages of Being a Franchisee

This business is not easy, but to be honest with you, it has become pretty easy for us. We build relationships with our clients, players, and hosts so that we have very little turnover, which gives us time to call on more clients or to spend time playing baseball with our kids.

– Steve Howard, President

Owner Steve Howard continued to work full time for 4 years while building the business.

  • You can continue to work a full time job and be a Trivia Nation franchisee.
  • Work from home. You just need a phone and a computer.
  • If you are a social person, this is the best career in the world. You meet all different types of people and you bring smiles to their faces!
  • You can expect to make 30%-40% net profit on sales. That would be extremely difficult if you tried to do this without our help.
  • Your friends will be very jealous of you! You throw parties and buy people drinks for a living!

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