Management Team – New

Kirsten Garrison
Operations Manager
Education: University of Oklahoma
Experience: Kirsten started as our Office Manager and has worked her way to the Operations Manager.
Why We Do What We Do: "Working for Trivia Nation has been a rewarding experience. Not only have I learned many skills that I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to learn anywhere else, I have gained a professional and social confidence. I love being part of a small company and being involved in the growing process."
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Steve Howard
Education: University of Florida
Experience: Steve has 20 years worth of outside sales/customer service, from the Gallo Winery right out of UF to construction rental equipment and digital marketing just before running Trivia Nation full time. Also, two years in the hospitality industry as a server. 7 years now building Trivia Nation full time.
Why We Do What We Do: "I LOVE playing live trivia games out with friends. I have a high social drive. I LOVE helping businesses and I LOVE turning slow nights into busy nights. I love exceeding customer expectations and this is the best way for me to do it. I LOVE the marketing aspect of this job. I LOVE the hospitality industry. I LOVE when we hire someone and then they tell me that hosting Trivia Nation is now the highlight of their week. (Happens a lot!) I LOVE my job. I'm a lucky guy."
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Khyra Young
Customer Relations Manager
Education: University of Oklahoma
Experience: Khyra gained four years of Customer Service experience during her College Career while studying as a full-time student. After graduating from OU, she moved to Jacksonville and worked as a Customer Account Representative for a year before joining Trivia Nation as the Customer Relations Manager.
Why We Do What We Do: "Working for Trivia Nation is unlike any other opportunity I've encountered, the entire team has become more than just co-workers, we've evolved into family. There may be obstacles, long hours and daily learning curves, but we get through them because we are able to rely on one another. We do what do because we love it and truly enjoy gaining the experiences together, as a team--family."
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